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Технологія 4.0 забезпечує надійність, безпеку та комунікацію в режимі реального часу.


Industry 4.0 ensures reliability, safety and real time communication.

TRADITIONALLY, most maintenance professionals have combined many techniques, both quantitative and qualitative, in an effort to identify failure modes and mitigate downtime in manufacturing facilities. But the rise of new connected technologies can enable machines to do these tasks for them, both maximizing the useful life of machine components while still avoiding machine failure.

In the future, reliable railway maintenance is expected to rely upon smart transportation systems and interconnected solutions such as predictive maintenance and integrated security tools in order to improve critical issues like safety, delays and overall system capacity.

Perhaps the most important pieces of the Predictive Maintenance puzzle are the sensors that create the data and the communications needed to get those data to where they can be stored and analyzed. These sensors translate physical actions from machines into digital signals that communicate variables such as temperature, vibration, or conductivity. Data can also be streamed from other sources, such as a machine’s programmable logic controller (PLC), MES, CMMS, or even an ERP system. Xapika is developing its own predictive maintenance model to maximize the performance and reliability of their operations by combining data from over 150 sensors from each train with over 6 years historical maintenance records.

A step further on our development would be the integration of an entire communication platform on the one hand to connect internally all employees from the different departments as accounting, operations, purchase and maintenance; and on the other hand to reach out externally and build a network of manufacturers, technicians and suppliers to exchange expertise and speed up operations.

Furthermore we are committed to work on Rail service information integration with other transport modes such as buses and car parking to guide passengers through smooth door-to-door journeys.